Co-Working Application

Co-Working members are typically still in the early phase of their startup and share a large office space with all other co-working members. Applications are reviewed weekly

Member Application

Members are typically more established companies (have launched or are close to launch) and share an office space with one other member company. Applications for the Spring 2015 class are due November 26th

To apply, download the appropriate application above and email the completed form to [email protected].



The Student Business Incubator (SBI) strives to be the best resource for student entrepreneurs at UW-Madison to bring their business ideas to life; as well as the central hub of entrepreneurial activity on campus. The SBI realizes this goal by offering free office space, customized business support, unparalleled networking opportunities, and other free resources to the most promising entrepreneurs on campus.

Student entrepreneurs can become involved with the SBI in one of two ways: 

1. Co-Working Members: Our largest office is dedicated to early on entrepreneurs that are at the beginning of their ventures and looking to grow their idea, team, capital, etc. See application for more information.

2. Permanent Members: Each semester we accept four student startups to have access to their own office space and resources, as well as mentors and workshops tailored specifically to their business ventures. See application for more information.

The Team: SBI is managed by 3 student co-directors, 4 faculty advisers and 1 external adviser and an extensive network of mentors.

Jeremi Zuba: Student Co-Director

Griff Berland: Student Co-Director

Elias Meyer-Grimberg: Student Co-Director

Allen Dines: Faculty Adviser (Director of Corporate Relations)

Duncan Carlsmith: Faculty Adviser (Physics Department)

Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau: Faculty Adviser (Computer Science)

Stefan Koehler: Faculty Adviser (Business)

Patrick Klas: External Adviser (American Family Ventures)

current tenants

Badger Innovations - Co-Working
Badger Innovations is a student run web design firm that specializes in custom Wordpress websites. It employs a team of 10 designers, programmers, and managers and is in its third year of operation.  

Deneb Outdoors - Co-Working
Deneb Outdoors is committed to producing high quality, functional, and sustainable outdoor apparel and equipment for both extreme adventurers as well as for the casual outdoors enthusiast. Our products strive towards sustainable practices that are both friendly to the environment and protect the natural places that we love and enjoy.

Dress Code - Co-Working
Dress Code mobile application that provides a personalized digital wardrobe experience.

EcoMotion - Member
EcoMotion is a game-styled mobile app that increases social motivation to combat climate change by encouraging individuals to make behavioral and lifestyle choices that reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Envoy Now - Member
Envoy is a student to student food delivery app which offers the myriad of restaurant options from around campus. Visit us at

Rally Energy - Co-Working
Rally Energy develops and produces caffeinated energy mints that are free of the excess sugar, fillers and additives present in most energy supplements. Each Rally Energy mint contains as much caffeine as an espresso shot!

Sensori - Co-Working
Sensori is developing revolutionary hardware and software to track and improve your baseball and software training sessions.

Serving Earth - Member
Serving Earth is creating a reusable to-go container made out of recycled plastic that would replace disposable containers at corporate business cafeterias and university dining halls.

Spectrom - Member
Spectrom is developing an on-demand coloring device that can seamlessly integrate into any existing and future FDM printer.    

Weight Your Turn - Co-Working
Weight Your Turn is a company that uses custom-made electronic devices in combination with wireless technology and data analytics to make weight rooms more efficient and beneficial for both users and gym owners.

Zuntik - Co-Working
Zuntik helps you create, share and discover events using event feeds.